Pat Linhart sings "Nobody" from the musical Betty Blue Eyes



This is the opening number of Patricia Linhart's Annual Faculty Concert in 2013 entitled Recycling. The headshot gown was custom designed and constructed in my home studio, as was the beaded organza jacket that is worn for the rest of the concert. Each headshot was secured with velcro and placed just before the number.  


Costume for Mr. Justice Sir Alfred Wills


A short video that I recorded showing a costume, designed by David C. Woolard at the Santa Fe Opera, that was make to look like a jack-in-the-box. The entire structure, body and sleeves, was made to collapse completely and then spring back into shape. 

Revenge of The Fish

PPS Group and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet


A commercial made by the PPS Group of Covington, KY for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The costume was designed by myself and built in two weeks by myself and my partner Jonathan Waters. The fish structure is made from urethane foam that is supported with plastic and steel boning. It is covered in several shades of hand painted spandex. The fins are made from layers of poly-sheer fabric reinforced with individual pieces of rigilene plastic rod. The costume was used in 2009, and then again in 2012 after being in storage.

Legally Blonde - "Omigod You Guys"

Quick Change Rehearsal


These two dresses were built for Elle Woods' onstage quick change during the song "Omigod You Guys." The overdress was held in place onto the underdress using magnets at the top edge. The hem of the underdress was held up with magnets that were attracted to magnets at the waistline of the overdress. 

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